Recording on all formats with lots of vintage instruments and outboard.The goal is to make a creative space for people to write and record at the highest quality.


Apogee Symphony Mk2 18×6


Yamaha NS10s
Mackie HR 824s

Pre Amp:

Neve 1073 2 channel
API 512 x4
Amek Rupert Neve x2
TL Audio Dual Valve
TL Audio Ivory 4 channel
Color CP% x2
Old School Audio MP! x2
Capi Vp312 x1


API 550a EQ x2
Urie Silverface 1176
Hairball blue stripe 1176
DBX 160 X (Revive Mod)
SPL Transient designer x4
Lindell PEX 500 eq
Klark Teknik KT-2A leveling amp
Klark Teknik BBD-320 3rd dimension
Mutronics Mutator
Bel Delay
Bel Flanger
Zoom 1201 (circut bent)
Zoom 1204 (circuit bent)
Voicelive 2
Watkins Copycat tape delay
Oto bam reverb
Sherman Filterbank


Coles 4348 x2
Miktek Valve Condenser
AKG 414 ULS x 2
Senhieser 421 x5
Sure SM7b
Electrovoice RE 20
Sontronic Delta Ribbon
Blue Bottle Condenser
Sure beta 58 x 4
Yamaha Sub Kick


Studio One 5.1
Pro Tools 11.3.2
Logic X


Fender tweed delux
Peavey Classic 15
Selmer Bassist Major
Groove Tube Soul O 50 Reverb
Epiphone Valve (modified)
Ampeg b15


Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
Lowery Organ
Hohner Pianet
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland Juno 60
Roland Juno 106
Yamaha CS 15 B
MFB Dominion
Arturia Mini Brute
Arturia Keystep Pro


Fender 1972 Percission Bass
Fender 1967 Coranado
Gretsch 6120
Gibson SG
Airline Bobcat 1957
Kay 1967
Danelectro 57
Airline Tuxedo with Bigsby
Cigar box Slide

More Guitars:

Eastwood TB64 6 string Bass
Sidejack Baritone Delux
Guild Dreadnought Acoustic
Taylor Baby Acoustic
Industrial Lap Steel
Concord Indian Slide Guitar
Goodtime 5 String Banjo


Pearl World Series Maple Kit
Behringer RD-8 drum Maschine
Maschine Mikro mk2
Cymbals by Zildjan, Meinl, Istanbul and Paiste

Also various:

“Toys,Pedals, and Noise Machines”

Software Synths

Arturia V collection 6
Komplete 10
Omnisphere 2
Reaktor 6
East West Hollywood Platinum Orchestra
Cinematic Strings 2
Cinematic Studio Strings
Spitfire Albion One
Spitfire IV
Spitfire Tundra
Spitfire Kepler
Orchestral Tools Time Macro

Studio Gallery

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